College Majors and You 
At Hostos Community College Majors Workshops, students will learn from Visit Guides how to enroll in program majors like Cybersecurity and Allied Health: Dental Hygiene. Visit Guides will share unique stories about their college experiences, provide insightful resources, and discuss the steps necessary to prepare for college success.

Students will also participate in a game called “Guess That Graduate”, which allows students to recognize and relate to some of today’s most influential pop culture icons who also went to college. Students will walk away from this experience with a better understanding of the early steps they can take towards a successful college career, and of the lifelong opportunities that can be cultivated at Hostos.

The College Experience 
The College Experience Workshop, students will learn about the typical day for a college student. Visit Guides will draw on their personal experiences to share about campus life, academics, extracurricular activities and work. They will also talk about financial aid, free college credit opportunities, and dispel many college myths that middle and high school students typically have. 
For all visits, reserve only the number of visits needed for your school's enrollment.

Joey Snavely, Campus Coordinator